The Site at Manoverboard — 2004


screenshot of the site at manoverboard

Homepage of The Site at Manoverboard, 1998-2005

I designed my first website around 1996 but this was the first one that took hold. The Site at Manoverboard, which oddly still exists, was an online gallery to show artists and writers “of extreme vision.” I acted as designer, curator and publisher of The Site and sought out artists whose ideas, imagery or methodologies were fundamentally new and undiscovered at the time. (I also showed some of my own paintings, drawings and animated gifs.) Many of the artists shown were friends or they became friends. I even featured and had a chance to meet the great Jason Kottke. I miss those heady, pre-viral and pre-video days of the internet. There was a deep humility about showing and making art online. Perhaps there is still is.

screenshot isabela basombrio

Work by Isabela Basombrio

screenshot maciej toporowicz

Work by Maciej Toporowicz

Book by Mandy Keifetz with a great cover by Eric Drooker

Paintings by Victor Sparrow

screenshot of the site at manoverboard

Paintings by me

screenshot of gifs on the site at manoverboard

Animated gifs by me

screenshot of archives on the site at manoverboard

The Archives (with about 33 artists)